5 Design Tips To Invigorate
Your Space With Art & Decor

1. Pick Patterns with Personality 

Everyone is drawn to different patterns and shapes that match their style and personality. Some people love the freedom and complexity of curves, some like the subtle playfulness of angles, and others like the simplicity of straight lines. When looking for art, pick patterns that express your personality to make your space feel more like you.

Pro Design Tip:

Select a collection of art & decor that combine large scale patterns, small scale patterns, and solid colors to create a layered look of sophistication in your space. 

2. Unique Art in Unexpected Places

If you are looking to elevate the experience of your space with a buzzworthy surprise, try adding sculptural art in unexpected places like windows, ceilings, lights, or even walls. Sculptural art creates visual interest by adding dynamic depth and dimension to your space.  

Pro Design Tip:

If you want truly unique window art backlit by the sun, try sculptural shutters that actually rotate to control how much light and shadow fill your space. The combinations of light, shadow, color, and pattern are always changing in the sculptural shutters throughout the day. This interactive kinetic sculpture is a unique piece of art in an unexpected place that is sure to keep you intrigued and delighted every day.

3. Illuminate Your Space with Smart Art

Lighting your art enhances how you experience the art in your space. Uplighting, downlighting, and backlighting all have dramatic effects on the art and architecture of your space. The direction, brightness, color, and timing of lighting create different moods that compliment the various ways you use your space every day.

Pro Design Tip:

If you’re looking for a bright idea that adds a wow factor to your space, try smart light sculptures that change how your art appears with different combinations of brightness, color, and timing. You can control the smart light sculptures in real time or on a set schedule directly from your phone or smart home system. “Alexa, change smart light sculpture to Aqua!”

4. Size Matters. Bigger is Better.

If you want an easy way to transform your space with big visual impact, hang large artwork that is 4’ to 8’ or more in width and height. Big art makes a big statement that can be bold or subtle depending on the pattern and colors you select. A room with one giant piece of art makes more of an impact than a room with lots of small art sporadically hung everywhere. 

Pro Design Tip:

Simple patterns repeated at a large scale create dynamic design features that will make a big impact on your space.

5. Color Palettes Express The Character of Your Space

Create a color palette that expresses the kind of character you want in your space. For example, if you want to infuse more energy in your room, pick bright and vibrant accent colors. If you want to be more relaxed in your space, pick soft and subtle accent colors. A combination of soft and vibrant colors can create a nice layering of depth and energy in your space.

Pro Design Tip:

The easiest way to infuse color in your neutral space is adding art, decor & furniture. Start with wall art, lighting, rugs, furniture, pillows, decor, and accent walls as elements to add color in your space.


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