Our Story

When people thought our ideas were too crazy & complicated to fabricate cost effectively, we decided to cut out all the middleman markups to ship our insanely awesome ideas directly to you.   

Our handcrafted fab lab started in the garage where we built a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine from scratch sourcing parts online, watching YouTube videos, and tinkering away from dusk till dawn with no instruction manual.  Our fab lab gives us the ability to sketch a design with pen and paper, draw it in the computer, translate our computer drawing into machine code, and fabricate the design on our CNC machine in the span of day...or an hour if we've had a couple cups of coffee. The whole design & fabrication process happens under one roof in Jacksonville, Florida where we put in a lot of sweat equity...especially during the summer.  

Our friends & family thought we were crazy until we turned our sketches into prototypes and our prototypes into finished products.  Now, we are proud to offer you unique customizable artwork that will instantly invigorate your space.  Discover all the designs that we can create in our workshop for your space in our Pattern Shape shop.

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